M ost nationals do not require visas to enter Singapore, but if you come from Asian countries other than Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, then you will need a visa. As for the rest, you can check with Singapore's immmigration website.

Singapore is a modern, sparkling city in Southeast Asia. While the city has some of the best skyscrapers and luxury buildings in the world, it has ample space for nature to thrive through gardens and parks. So, apart from sightseeing in the city, visiting malls and checking out the numerous water and adventure parks, a visit to Singapore would also provide a chance to visit the zoo, go on a night safari and explore a bird park. This is a reason why Singapore is one of the favourite holiday destinations in the world, especially for families.

“Singapore is a pretty fantastic place, and the race is always a challenge.”

Planning your Singapore itinerary will be fun as there are so many interesting places to see and exciting things to do. However, before you do that you need to know whether you need a visa to enter the country. So before you book your tickets and apply for a Singapore visa, here are some things you need to know.

People with passports in the European Union, United States of America, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland and Norway can enter Singapore and stay there for 90 days without a visa.

On the other hand, passport holders of countries like India, Armenia, North Korea, Georgia, China, Russia, etc. can visit Singapore with an e-visa while citizens of Libya, Afghanistan, Mali, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Bangladesh, Somalia, Iraq, etc. need to have a visa vignette in their passport if they want to enter the city-state of Singapore.

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An E-visa can be obtained within a day through a visa agent, the nearest Singaporean diplomatic mission (embassy), a strategic partner of Singapore, or perhaps through a local contact in the city. A vignette visa can also be applied through the same means but it would take around 3 working days to get the same.

The city-state of Singapore is an expensive city and home to a large number of millionaires. You can find all the luxury and comfort in the world in Singapore, but you will have to pay the price for it. Right from the hotels and restaurants, to the malls and popular tourist spots, get ready to spend money to enjoy the Singapore experience. If you are on a budget then booking a tour package that includes accommodation, transportation and tours may help you to save money.

The rules and regulations against crimes are very stringent, hence Singapore is an extremely safe city. Man, woman, solo or group traveller, you really do not have to worry when walking around the city and its alleys, even in the dead of the night. Many travellers have said that they have travelled alone in the city at 3 or 4 AM without issue. In fact, the city is almost 100% crime free.

You need to remember that the city has a warm and humid climate throughout the year. So, always pack light and breathable clothes, especially when you are going on a city tour or maybe to one of the nature parks. There is also a chance of thunderstorms during the day, so it would be best to carry an umbrella when going out.

When travelling to a new city, most of us are worried about transportation. But this should be the last thing on your mind while visiting Singapore. The city-state has a good transportation system, is well connected, and you can easily take the bus, train, or taxi to go from one place to another. While the bus and metro are quite comfortable, taxis are also popular modes of transport as they are quite economical. However, you may have to pay a surcharge during peak hours. In short, moving around the city is not at all problematic.